Birdwatching in Kafue National Park, Zambia is a highlight for anyone wanting to go birding in Africa. Every morning you are greeted by the Shallow's Turaco flying over your head between the Sycamore Fig's, often with a few Green Pigeons in tow. You can almost predict exactly the time when the African Finfoot glides past our deck as he uses the momentum of the river to carry him downstream. And of course the Pel's Fishing Owl is not too far away.

All these birds are all big points on a Twitcher's check-list whilst visiting southern Africa and considered incredibly difficult to find, but at Leopard Lodge they can be found with ease.

Enjoy a Birding Paradise:

With about 500 recorded bird species in Kafue National Park it is birding paradise. Birding is best done from a game drive, walking safari, canoeing  adventure and even around the Lodge

“The birding is exceptional, especially on the rivers and the dambos. The Chaplin’s Barbet is a lifer for me” Raymond Smith, South Africa


  • Pels Fishing  Owl, Chaplin’s Barbet and plenty more
  • Birding Paradise
  • About 500 recorded species

Come to Kafue National Park in Zambia for excellent birding and birdwatching – it is a birding paradise in Africa

Fish Eagle takes flight