Share the water with hippos and crocodiles whilst canoeing on the Kafue River. A canoe safari is one of the quietest and relaxing way of viewing Africa's wildlife Glide through the water quietly and pass elephants and buffalo almost undetected.

The Kafue River is the major source of water for the animals, so the concentration of game along the banks of the river makes game viewing and birding excellent. Watch crocodiles slides quietly into the water and steer nervously around a pod of hippo.

Canoeing is also the ideal time to do some excellent birding as you get to see numerous water birds up close as well as numerous birds in the riverine bush

"Animals didn't hear us, we just glided right up to them" Jean Paul, France


  • Silently creep up on animals
  • View water birds and numerous others along the banks
  • Be amongst hippo and crocodiles

Canoeing at the river