Game Drives

This undoubtedly will be one of the highlights of your African safari, as it during game drives that you get the best opportunity to view game. It is your chance to witness, explore and learn about this environment and how everything is interrelated from the mighty elephant, majestic lion and leopard to plants and insects that make up this incredible eco-system.

Experience the diversity of the Kafue National Park
The Kafue National Park is well known for its high diversity of game which is very visible. Heading out on a game drive in the early morning or late afternoon is very rewarding and with Leopard Lodge being far from any other human development you will be the only vehicle in this vast wilderness.

From the back of our open game viewing vehicle with our highly experienced guide you will have a chance to see some of Africa's big game and do some excellent birding.

"The Game drives were the highlight, lots of elephant, two male lions but the best was the leopard" Hans Hahn, Germany


  • Experience this amazing game reserve
  • Your chance to see elephant, lions and a wide diversity of game
  • Do some great birding
  • Morning, late afternoon and night drives available

Leopard Lodge Game drives in the reserve