(14º32'51.33”S; 26º28'59.09”E)

By Air
Various aircraft options are available. Visit the the Proflight website for more information. For details of other routes and air bookings contact us for a referral.

Transfers from Lusaka to Leopard Lodge in 4X4 vehicles may be arranged. The total traveling time is approximately 3 - 3 ½ hours. Please contact us for pricing and bookings.

Outside the National Park’s northeast boundary, the lodge is a few kilometers north of the Lubungu pontoon, which crosses the Kafue River where the river forms one boundary of the park. Leopard Lodge is on the river bank of the Kafue River, approximately 3,5 km upstream from the Lubungu Pontoon.

You can reach it by driving in a westerly direction from Lusaka on the M9 tar road for 150km to the village of Mumbwa. (N.B. last fuel is in Mumbwa). From Mumbwa to Leopard Lodge and back is approximately 200kms. Set your odometer in Mumbwa to 0.00.

As you enter Mumbwa you turn left at the first roundabout (Mumbwa Filling Station: S 014 deg 59.457 min, E 027 deg 03.617 min). Drive for approximately 1km and turn right at 14º59.621'S; 27º03.011'E on the first gravel road (D181). From there drive approximately 33.2 kms to where the road will fork and take the left fork. (S 014 deg 45.599 min, E 026 deg 54.376 min).

Here are some bench marks on the road from where the road forked:

  • At odometer reading 40.3 kms you will pass Chitunda Open Air Reform School on left. Keep right. At odometer reading 62.3 kms you should reach Kabalushi Gate (entering park now), (S 014 deg 40.727 min, E 026 deg 39.338 min) At odometer reading 82 kms the road will fork again. Keep right. To the left is the Hippo Mine turn-off (S 014 deg 37.866 min, E 026 deg 29.659 min)
  • Drive on this road for approximately 8 kms until you reach the Kafue River. Once you cross the river with the pontoon, drive for another 3.5 kms and then turn off the main track (D181) at GPS TULOEP 14º32.700'S; 26º28.082'E. (sign posted Leopard Lodge). Follow this two track road for 1.6 km until you reach the camp.

The main tourist season is from 1 April - 30 November; however we are open during the rainy season as well. You will be able to reach the lodge with a 4 x 2 vehicle all year round. The gravel road from Mumbwa to the camp has been regravelled and it takes approximately 1 ½ hours from Mumbwa to reach the camp.